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1: Sales elite
The number of candidates: 5 education requirements: college work experience: not limited (can recruit fresh) age requirements: 20-45 years old work location: Guangdong Province
Job description
Requirements: adapt to frequent business trip, driving is preferred.
 1, product channel development, channel contact, evaluation, screening, elimination and update work;
 2, market analysis, the industry's ability to control;
 3, timely feedback of market information, customer needs;
 4, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership;
 Job requirements:
 1, the work of passion, loyalty, dedication, clarity, active;
 2. Good team work spirit, good communication skills and strong communication skills;
 3, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong learning ability, have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;
 4, strong pressure resistance, strong sensitivity to grasp the market information.
 Provide free room and board, 15 days paid annual leave
2: network promotion
The number of candidates: 3 education requirements: high school education work experience: not limited (can recruit fresh) age requirements: 20-35 years old work location: Guangdong Province
1, Alibaba website product information, new product information release and update;
2, through the network platform, looking for target customers, effective communication, achieve sales;
3, customer development, maintenance and management.
4, clear promotion objectives - the use of a variety of Internet resources, network media to promote the company's brand, products and services, improve the company's website exposure and visibility, the company brand awareness
5, to understand the nature of the search engine rankings and site optimization techniques, such as keyword optimization, the meta description of each page, Title Optimization
1, high school or above; skilled use of computer office software;
2, more than one year working experience in electricity supplier; familiar with network promotion, website optimization, keywords ranking and other business priorities;
3, good learning, communication, understanding ability and team spirit;
Provide free room and board, 15 days paid annual leave
Contact: Miss he
Tel: 0769-22780556-807
Address: Xinfa Street No. 31, Industrial Zone No. 2, Yongqing Village, Daojiao Town, Dongguan City (inside Bahui wholesale market of agricultural products)