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Talent Recruitment
Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment


Position 1: Sales elite

Number of recruits: 5
Educational requirements: Associate
Work experience: unlimited (can be recruited)
Age requirement: 20-45 years old
Work location: Guangdong Province
job description
Requirements: Adapt to frequent business trips, driving will be given priority.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Product channel development, contact, evaluation, screening, elimination and update of channel vendors;
2. Market analysis, strong ability to control the industry;
3. Timely feedback the industry information of the market and the needs of customers;
4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;
job requirements:
1. Passionate, loyal, dedicated to work, clear and active;
2. Have a good teamwork spirit, strong language skills and communication skills;
3. Ability to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong learning ability, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;
4. Strong anti-stress ability and strong sensitivity to grasp market information.
Work location: Guangdong
Provide free board and lodging, 15 days paid annual leave each year, etc.
Position 2: Network promoter
Number of recruits: 3
Educational requirements: high school or above
Work experience: unlimited (can be recruited)
Age requirement: 20-35 years old
Work location: Guangdong Province
Job Responsibilities:
1. The improvement of Alibaba website product information, the release and update of new product information;
2. Through the network platform, find target customers, communicate effectively, and achieve sales;
3. Customer development, maintenance and management.
4. Clear promotion goals-use various Internet resources and online media to promote the company's brand, products and services, improve the company's website exposure and visibility, and​ the company's brand awareness
5. Understand the natural ranking rules of search engines and website optimization techniques, such as keyword optimization, meta description of each page, title optimization
1. High school degree or above; able to use common computer office software proficiently;
2. More than one year of e-commerce work experience; familiar with network promotion, website optimization, keyword ranking and other businesses is preferred;
3. Have good learning, communication, comprehension skills and teamwork spirit;
Provide free board and lodging, 15 days paid annual leave, etc.
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