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Painting grinding system

Purple film sanding disc

Ideal for solid surface,such as car paint repair ,wood grinding,rust removing Film base,more flat,more sharp,stronger
film sanding disc
abrasives disc
wood sandpaper
wood grinding disc
paint removal discs
velcro sandpaper
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Detailed description
Available as
Disc sheet triangle jumbo roll  customized shape
Suited for
Ideal for Automotive refinishing, Wood Processing, Metal Processing
1.Automotive refinishing&Vehicles Manufacturing.

2.Wood products and furniture processing.

3.Metal processing.
4.Composite material processing.

5.Shipping/high-speed rail/aviation and other transportation industries.

1.Featured ceramic mixed high performance abrasives
2.Open grain reduces heat and loading.
3.Avaiable for both dry and wet sanding,especially for dry grinding.
4.Film backing outlasts paper,longer service life,more durable.
5.Film back is best choice for dry and wet sanding applications make outstanding surface finish.
6.Highest quality and performace combination.
7.Offers maximum moisture resistance, flexibility, and ruggedness.

8.Does not tear easily during sanding operation and it is great for edges, corners, and irregular shapes.  

9.Special resin over resin adhesion technology reduces shelling problems.
10.Source factory, quality supply.



Technical specifications
Item name D.DMS film sanding disc
Abrasives Ceramic mixed 
Color purple
Base Polyester film
backing Velcro/PSA
Sand planting open
Grit range P40-P2000
Anti-clogging coating hiden coating
Features Aggresive cutting,excellent anti-clogging,more durable,

More resistance to tear


Suitable materials

car panit/varnish/lacquer


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Purple film sandpaper
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