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Painting grinding system

Clean and Strip Disc

Excellent for cleaning rust, scaling, paints, varnishes and most any coating. Great for cleaning welds. Metal auto paint removal clean discs stripper purple polishing wheels tools paint stripper clean discs
black Clean and Strip Disc
clean and strip disc
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size grit
4“ 100X16mm coarse/medium/fine
4.5“ 125X22mm coarse/medium/fine


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Excellent for cleaning rust, scaling, paints, varnishes and most any coating. Great for cleaning welds.

1.It's perfect to use it in automobile repair and other surface treatment, rust removal, cleaning paint, welding and weld pretreatment before clean-up.

2.The network structure has the advantage of no clogging to ensure strong grinding and long lifetime.

3.Flexible contruction of the discs means no harm to the surface, rust and paint is removed quickly! Clean and Strip discs get easily to tight corners to clean, strip and prepare surface.
4. We offers soft, medium and hard clean and strip discs with diameter 4-4.5 inch, fiber glass backings.
1.Network structure of discs - no clogging,open textures avoid clogging
2.Special fiber base, waterproof and oil proof.
3.Flexible construction - no harm to the surface.
4.Quick removal of rust and paint.
5.Easy to get to tight corners.
6.The noise is very low.
7.Black metal is easily cleaned with compressed air.
8.No contaminants are left.
9. Less particulate and spark emission.



Technical specifications
Item name Clean and Strip Disc
Abrasives alumina
Color black/blue/purple
Base special fiber
Grit coarse/medium/fine
Size 4“/4.5"
Pacing 10pcs/shrink,30 shrinks/ctn
Suitable materials



Stainless steel,aluminum, titanium, nonferrous materials, and alloys
plastic reinforced by fiberglass

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