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Metal industry polishing system

Flap Wheels with Shank

Suitable for grinding inner holes and camber of all kinds of metal and non-metal material
Flap Wheels with Shank
Flap Wheels with Shank
flap wheel with shaft
Mounted mounted Flap Wheels
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LXHXshank diameter Grit
25*25*6      60-320#
30*10*3/6    60-320#
30*25*6    60-320#
40*15*6    60-320#
40*25*6    60-320#
40*30*6     60-320#
50*15*6    60-320#
50*25*6    60-320#
50*30*6    60-320#
60*15*6   60-320#
60*25*6  60-320#
60*30*6    60-320#
80*15*6   60-320#
80*25*6  60-320#
80*30*6 60-320#
100*25*6  60-320#


Detailed description
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Suited for
Suitable for roughing, grinding, derusting and grinding of various wood, furniture, stainless steel, metal, stone and other fields  
1.Polish and clean metal parts, molds, automotive and other manufacturing industries, household appliances, kitchen and other metal products, such as uneven surface or inner hole.
2.It is especially suitable for grinding and polishing irregular surface such as concave surface, curved surface, edge corner, tube and hole.  
Applicable tools
Suitable for electric grinding pneumatic tools, electric drill, pneumatic drill, bench drill and other tools.  



Easy assembly, strong grinding, low noise, smooth operation, uniform surface treatment effect, brown corundum abrasive, sand is not easy to fall off.  




Technical specifications
Item name Flap Wheels with Shank 
Abrasives alumina
Color Brown

Nickel plated A3 steel

Grit range P36-P120
Size 20mm-100mm
Shape round wheel
Suitable materials

Iron, stainless steel and other metals and non-metals






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