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Metal industry polishing system

red ceramic flap disc

for aggressive and controlled stock removal on stainless steel, mild steel, and exotics.
red ceramic flap disc
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Size Grit
4"    100*16mm   P40-P120
4.5"  115*22mm  P40-P120
5"    125*22mm  P40-P120
6"    150*22mm  P40-P120
7"    180*22mm P40-P120



Detailed description
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Suited for
Mainly grinding titanium alloy, nickel alloy and other high hardness metal
1.They are the ideal products with their grain and backing structures in various types for all the alloyed, unalloyed steels, stainless steels, nickel, titanium, ferrous and non ferrous materials.
2.Construction and maintenance of boats and vehicles.
3.Train manufacturing and track construction.
4.The corners and edges of the wood are polished.
5.Rust removal, paint removal, to weld scars.
1.Faster grinding
Aggressive cutting action of ceramic grains
Optimal coating technique and abrasive addivites
2. Aggressive stock removal
Due to the excellent cutting action of the ceramic, zirconium and the additional layer 
Due to the optimal distribution and special coating technique
3.Long service life
Due to the self-sharpening zirconium
Due to excellent adhesion of the specially treated grain to the backing material
Due to the additional layer
4. Cool grinding
More aggressive cut and higher stock removal rate additional
5.Consistent surface roughness
Montinuous regeneration of new grain cutting edges over the entire service time


Technical specifications
Item name ceramic flap disc
Abrasives Ceramic alumina
Color red
Base Glassfiber
Grit range P40-P60-P80
Size 4“/4.5”/5“/6”/7“
Shape T27/T29
Suitable materials
Metal non-metal, especially suitable for titanium alloy, nickel alloy and other hard metals



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red ceramic flap disc
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