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Become a world-class manufacturer of coated abrasive tool
The company upholds the market-oriented and customer-oriented philosophy, and always pursues industry-leading advantages with advanced technology, excellent products and first-class service. It aims to build the company into a harmonious enterprise that gives full play to personal creativity and corporate culture of team strength, creates first-class performance, and builds customer trust, staff trust and social credibility.
Fully serve customers, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders, continue to provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly deep-processing products of coated abrasive tool, and maintain the status of industry leader.
Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Unity: carry forward the team spirit, cooperation and mutual assistance, and maintain close cooperation.
Progressiveness: be restless with reality and never be satisfied---- it is a hard-working heart and the tireless pursuit of the value of life.
Dedication: love one’s duties and be loyal to one’s duties, keep duties in one’s place, and always be hard working.
Dedication: put the business as the most important regardless of personal gains and losses, transcend the pursuit of personal interests, and make one’s work perfect.
Core values: integrity, win-win, excellence.
Corporate Philosophy:
Employers: people are talented people can do their best
Quality: be standardized and achieve zero defects
Production: follow the process, and implement lean manufacturing
Service: put commitment as priority, and provide service heart and soul
Innovation: creativity is the making of future
Competition: be one step ahead and surpass the self
Cost: implement system control and fine management